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Criminal Lawyer in Boise, ID

Getting arrested can be a terrifying experience, and you won't need to appear in court alone if you retain a Boise, ID, criminal lawyer. At The Blender Law Office, we offer personal attention on every case. We can provide you with information about the penalties that you're facing and help to create a strategy that aims to reduce the ramifications of your charges.

The Constitution gives you certain rights, and we'll do our best to address the issue of any illegal actions that the police performed while arresting you. To help you create a defense, we'll file a motion for discovery that allows you to access the evidence and information that the prosecutors plan to use against you.

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The Blender Law Office offers local representation, and it's our goal to use our understanding of the law for your benefit. If you'd like to discuss your charges with a Boise, ID, criminal lawyer, call us to arrange a convenient time for your initial consultation.